If your dog needs to be neutered, but you still would like to get more puppies out of your prized stud, we can help.  Immediately after neutering, sperm can be harvested from the epididymis (a reproductive structure attached to the testicle) and stored indefinitely in our semen bank for future breedings. 



Artificial insemination is a great alternative when natural breeding is not an option for your dog.  Some dogs simply will not breed naturally, or may not get along with a potential mate.  You may have also decided to match your dog with a mate that is in a far away location.  We offer multiple methods of AI, including vaginal insemination and surgical insemination that can overcome many obstacles associated with natural breeding.


Following breeding, whether natural or AI, it can be difficult to tell if your dog has become pregnant.  Multiple methods exist for diagnosing pregnancy.  Hormonal screening is a valuable option for pregnancy diagnosis in the early staging of pregnancy.  For later stages, imaging techniques, such as radiographs and/or ultrasound can not only help diagnose pregnancy, but also help to determine litter size.