When your dog is nearing the final stages of pregnancy, planning for a healthy delivery is crucial for the safety of both the bitch and her offspring.  Some breeds have extreme difficulty with natural delivery, so planning ahead for surgical delivery can be extremely important to avoid a potential emergency.  We provide extensive experience in both natural and surgical delivery.



Following birth, it is essential that puppies are supported properly to ensure survival and optimal health.  Many complications can occur if puppies are not given the supportive care they need.  In addition, it is important to ensure that all puppies can nurse properly and are examined for potential birth defects.  We can help ensure that your puppies begin their lives on the right foot.



Whether you are storing semen for your personal stud, or purchasing semen for future use, we provide state-of-the-art semen banking that can keep semen viable indefinitely.  We offer overnight shipping of frozen semen to anywhere in the country, so no matter when your sample is needed, we can make sure you get it at just the right time.