Our Services



Having your pet examined regularly is extremely important in helping us to identify and treat diseases early.  Feeling for masses, listening for heart murmurs, and checking your pet's eyes, ears, skin, and joints for abnormalities are just a few of the ways that our examinations will help your pet stay healthy.  We recommend that all pets should have at least one comprehensive examination per year.  



Vaccines are some of the strongest tools we currently have available to prevent many deadly diseases that your pet may come into contact with.  Rabies, Parvovirus, and Feline Leukemia Virus are just a few of the common viruses that can infect your dog or cat.  We implement the most current vaccination protocols to help your pet maintain optimal immunity.  We want you and your pets to feel safe when you venture beyond your front door. 



Dental disease is one of the most commonly undiagnosed and untreated diseases that we encounter in animal medicine.  Did you know that chronic dental disease can lead to bloodborne infection that could effect your pet's heart valves, liver, or kidneys?  Human dentists recommend at least one dental cleaning per year, and dogs and cats are no different.  We recommend a complete dental cleaning once a year to keep your pet's mouth healthy.  It really can extend and improve your pet's quality of life.  



Our facility is equipped to handle many routine and emergency surgical procedures.  We practice the highest standards of cleanliness and safety for our surgical procedures, and provide thorough pre-anesthetic screening and monitoring to ensure a safe surgical experience.  Our surgeon has vast experience in handling most surgical cases, however, if your pet requires specialized surgical care, we are happy to refer our clients to nearby surgery specialists if necessary.



When your pet is ill, the use of advanced imaging can be a lifesaver!  Our hospital utilizes digital x-ray and ultrasound to get the right diagnosis fast.  In addition to diagnosing illness, we can also utilize radiology to prescreen animals for heritable diseases, such as hip dysplasia or heart disease.  Our office is PennHip and OFA certified.  




Testing your pet's blood is a great way to assess overall health and organ function.  We advise yearly, routine bloodwork to identify "silent diseases" in pets, such is thyroid and kidney disease.  We also utilize these tests in sick animals as a means to diagnose and treat patients quickly.  Lastly, these tests can help us to determine if your pet is healthy enough for surgery- your pet's safety is our top priority. 



Should your pet require hospitalization for an unexpected illness, we are ready to help.  Our hospital is equipped to serve even the sickest of patients.  We have comfortable, quiet quarters for your pets to stay, and trained, compassionate staff to attend to their every need.  When your pet stays with us, you can rest assured that they will be well taken care of.