Wellness Plans are constructed to provide your pet with everything that they will need throughout the course of one year.   Plans are tailored to your pets needs based on age, ensuring that as your pets age, you can keep a constant check on their health.   For puppies and kittens, a spay/neuter is included.  For our junior and senior plans, annual dental cleanings are included, so you don't have to budget for expensive procedures.  Imagine picking your pet up from a dental or surgical procedure and walking out the door with no bill! 

Reminder: these plans are not insurance and do not cover the cost of sick visits. 

Canine Wellness Plans


PUPPY POWER (<1 year)

Puppies are susceptible to numerous parasites and viral diseases, including round worms, hookworms, Giardia, Parvovirus, and Distemper virus to name a few.  We provide puppies with protective immunizations and regular dewormings to ensure optimal health and development.  We also include a spay/neuter, microchip, and four exams for your puppy during their first year.    


JUNIOR CANINE (1-7 years)

Young adults require yearly immunizations to maintain healthy immune systems.  Regular screenings for heartworms are essential to prevent potentially deadly cardiovascular disease.  Regular bloodwork can detect common diseases in young canines. In addition, a yearly dental cleaning is provided to keep those pearly whites fresh.  One annual exam and heartworm prevention are also included. 


SENIOR CANINE (7+ years)

When your dog enters into those senior years, it is more important than ever to screen them regularly for age-related diseases.  This plan included yearly diagnostic imaging to screen for diseases such as heart disease, cancer, or osteoarthritis.  Early detection is crucial for for optimal diagnosis and treatment of age-related diseases.  Also included are dental cleaning, bloodwork, immunization, and comprehensive exam.

Feline Wellness Plans


KITTEN CLUB (<1 year)

Much like puppies, kittens can also be particularly susceptible to viruses and parasites during their first year of life. Feline Leukemia, Herpesvirus, hookworms, roundworms, and coccidia are just a few of the diseases that young kittens can encounter.   This plan covers 4 rounds of vaccinations, up to 4 exams, fecal analysis and deworming, spay/neuter, and microchip.  


JUNIOR FELINE (1-7 years)

Your young kitty is in the prime years of its life.  However, many nasty diseases can be lurking just around the corner.  Viruses, parasites, dental disease, and many others can affect even our young cats.  Did you know that cats can also get heartworm disease?  This plan provides yearly exams, vaccine boosters, parasite and heartworm screening, dental cleaning, and annual bloodwork.


SENIOR FELINE (7+ years)

Now is the time to be as focused as ever on your cat's health.  At this stage, cat's are at greater risk for many types of disease, including chronic kidney disease (CKD), hyperthyroidism, and high blood pressure.  Our senior plan includes a comprehensive exam, annual bloodwork, diagnostic imaging (x-ray/ultrasound), blood pressure monitoring, heartworm prevention, immunizations, and an annual dental cleaning.